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About Us

Choose to Soar is a non-profit equipping ministry choosing to ignite faith in women of all ages. We are intentionally motivated to equip, encourage, and move women forward biblically to not only change their lives, but others as well. 

Tanya Magnus

Executive Director

Hello Friends, 

Have you ever had a feeling deep inside that something is missing? You were meant to “be” more. I discovered it was my relationship with God. Getting involved in a Bible study changed my life and it was in that group setting, I became a true follower of Jesus Christ. Through a careful study of the Scriptures, I came to fully understand how deeply loved; uniquely made, and specifically prepared I have been for His Glory. His unconditional love finally landed in my heart and not just my head! What I yearned for all my life became real; purpose, significance, fulfillment.


Isaiah 40:31 continues to show me daily the depth of His love and His purpose for me.  This love is available for everyone if we “choose” to accept it. As my passion and faith ignited, God continued to affirm this calling with Jeremiah 20:9. “… His word burns in my heart like a fire… I am worn out trying to hold it in! I can’t do it!”


This describes Choose to Soar Ministries. We desire to share with you God’s truths to equip, encourage, and empower you to be all God intended you to be.


Our deepest desire is to share with each woman God’s desire of them to be fully alive and live with an ignited faith; to know her Lord and herself as never before. To see herself as God sees her because when she does, she will truly soar on wings like eagles!

Many blessings, 


Meet the Team